Computer science terms

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Computer science definitions about computer science including computing fundamentals vocabulary, protocol and standards terminology, words about microprocessors and. Obtener esta app inicie sesión antes de comprar (¿por qué) identifícate. The tech terms computer dictionary contains over 1200 technical terms with easy-to-understand definitions. Terms of usage welcome to computersciencestarcom if you continue to browse and use this website you are agreeing to be bound by and comply with the following terms. The definition of computer science defined and explained in simple language.

Key terminology presented in this section comes from an internet version of discovering computers 2000 clicking on a chapter heading on the left will link you to. I am sharing with you computer science and it abbreviations and terms which is most important if you are going to appear in comparative exams you have seen the nts. Online computer science glossary other, more complicated concepts will be easier to understand below is a list of popular computer science terminology. Computer science terminology for primary teachers (version 12 9th september 2014) algorithms a precise step by step guide to achieving a specific outcome we.

List of computer term etymologies this is a list of the origins of computer-related terms or the term virus was first used as a technical computer science. A simpli ed computer science glossary dr robert b heckendorn computer science department, university of idaho october 6, 2017 here is a very simple glossary of.

Glossary of computer related terms in social science research, for each unit of analysis , each item of data (eg, age of person, income of family. Over 14,000 free computer terms, dictionary definitions, abbreviations, and computer jargon with thousands of pictures and illustrations. Guest to make learning more fun and interesting, here’s a list of important computer science theories and concepts explained with analogies and minimally.

Computer science summarized in an article for everyone contains minimal technical terms and jargons. From coding software applications to developing new computing devices, our computer sciences dictionary offers a glossary of key terms to know. Computer science is the a number of terms for the practitioners of the field of states that computer science is no more about computers than. A labautopedia compendium of words and terms related to computer science and computer programming click on linked terms for more detail refer to the contributing.

Read these key computer science concepts and understand the world of technology better. List of computer programming terms, definitions, commands, and glossary.

Computer science terms
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